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Mr Ben Yates
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
As a very active individual I was apprehensive about the benefit I would gain by getting my bunion corrected and the length of time that I would be incapacitated. People are very quick to tell you the disadvantages! However I knew that if I left it much longer it would only get worse.

My initial consultation with Mr Yates helped me to make an informed decision. He explained the different options available to me and the pros and cons with each procedure. This information helped me to decide to have it removed surgically rather than the laser treatment I had originally been considering.

My recovery was brisk. Within six weeks I was back to full fitness, going out for my regular 5k run and completing a 9 mile walk in the beautiful Cotswolds. I have complete mobility in my big toe once more and from an aesthetic point of view minimal scarring which will continue to fade over time.

An amazing job! "Thank You Mr Yates".

Angie MacNaught.
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Bunion Surgery
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