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Plantar Fasciitis treatment Aug/Sept 2016

I had suffered from Plantar Fasciitis about three years or so ago, which made walking extremely difficult for about a year. However it appeared to clear up and I thought no more about it, as I was due to have a knee replacement. This was duly carried out and I looked forward to pain free walking again.
Unfortunately, shortly after I had the knee done the Plantar fasciitis returned. This time it went on for over a year and made walking any distance a misery, even with industrial quantities of paracetamol ! I was referred to the podiatrists at the local NHS clinic but they were unable to help and I was discharged – still in pain.
I then went to see Mr. Yates at the Ridgeway Hospital – he offered treatment with Shock Wave therapy – and said that  there was a high chance it would work and if it did it was a cure. Consequently I accepted this treatment – three appointments over a period of about three weeks – and was told it could take three months for it to settle down. We had arranged to go on holiday shortly after the treatment finished and I found that I was walking over 10,000 and sometimes 20,000 steps a day without problems. It is now four months since the treatment finished and we have just come back from another holiday with similar walking and hardly a tweak of pain.
Mr Yates referred me to Podiatrists in Marlborough, who made me some custom orthotics and gave me physio and exercises to do to strengthen muscles for long term success.
This treatment is a revelation – and has not only made walking possible again but has immeasurably improved my psychological state too. I am indeed very grateful to Mr. Yates. I am indeed very grateful to Mr. Yates.

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