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Mr Ben Yates
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
I suffered from chronic nerve pain in my left foot since 2009 following infection after surgery for Mortens' Neuroma. I was taking large quantities of medication and my quality of life was really suffering as I could barely walk without pain. As a keen walker, this had a huge effect on my physical and emotional wellbeing.

I saw a podiatrist who recommended Ben Yates to me and I was then referred to The Ridgeway.

Mr Yates is a lovely man who instantly understood my distress. After X-rays and examination he told me that surgery could help my problems which included a dislocated toe joint and trapped nerves.

I had surgery as a day case in The Ridgeway and was given very clear instructions as to my recovery plan. I followed these religiously and now, 6 months later, I have cut my medication by more than half which has made me more alert. I can now walk reasonable distances as well as carrying out my daily tasks with little or no pain.

I cannot praise Mr Yates enough, his skill and the care of his team have given me my life back.

Thank you.
Edna J Rew
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