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Mr Ben Yates
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
My first operation on my right foot was in August 2014.  Although I did want both feet 
operated on at once.  When I mentioned this to Mr Ben Yates he did suggest against it.
I did wonder why! Well I took his professional advice and had one foot operated on at a 
time.  This was certainly very obvious, after the operation and recovery.  The initial few days was certainly challenging.  However with doing what was asked and resting, this enabled the foot to heal and recover within the given time.  When the shoe actually comes off its a relief and joy, you feel wonderful, and actually glad to have this done. The meticulous process of having xrays, after the operation was also something I was not aware  of, however understand that the consultant wants to ensure that everything is in place and healing nicely. 
My left foot was operated on this year early February, I thought lets get this done, before the summer arrives, which you like to wear sandals and open toe shoes. Again the process similar to above and resting and then just light exercises when told to do so.
I would certainly recommend Mr Ben Yates and his team for this operation, having been 
through this experience.  I can now wear the shoes that I want!
Thank you to Mr Yates and his team.
Jeanette Koza
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