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Mr Ben Yates
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
I had surgery on my left foot with Mr Yates and was so happy with it. So much so that after my last appointment to sign off, I immediately booked the right foot for the same surgery! And that foot has been the same from the beginning consultation to walking again and I have been extremely pleased with everything. I needed a cast for two weeks and then had to wear a boot which was fine. The only time I had to not walk on it was when I was in the cast and I enjoyed the rest! After that, the boot was great and I could potter about and gradually do the foot exercises Mr Yates advised. 

The scarring on my first foot has faded extremely well and I have religiously put Bio Oil on it every day since it healed and I am doing the same with my new foot. 
I think the most surprising thing was that I hardly had any pain after the operation, plus after the cast came off, I was walking very comfortably in the boot with lots of rests as I was instructed to do.

I have been really pleased with the surgeries and post surgery care Mr Yates gives with lots of x-rays and checks at each stage. 

Many thanks Mr Yates, 

Michelle Stamp, Malmesbury, Wilts
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