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Mr Ben Yates
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
I had been experiencing toe and foot pain for over 10 years which prevented me from wearing certain types and styles of shoes, would cause pain during and after any exercise and as a keen netballer this impacted on my performance and enjoyment of the game.
I was referred to Mr Yates by my GP on May 1st 2015 for a full consultation where I opted down the route of surgery.
The operation was booked as day surgery for one month later on July 3rd 2015 and was a success (Right Pip Fusion and Left Distal IPJ Fusion).  I basically had 2 toes on each foot broken, shortened and straightened.
The first week post op was quite painful on my left foot due to having pins inserted (explained pre operation by Mr Yates) but I was issued with very strong pain killers and was contacted by the nurse the on the day after the operation.  After 7 days I was able to apply pressure to both feet, after 2 weeks I was able to drive once the pins had been removed from my left toes (my right toes have titanium implants) and after 6 weeks I began gentle exercise building up over the weeks until I returned to full fitness on the netball court after 10 weeks.
It has been 18 months now and I have not had an issue since and am very happy with the operation and outcome and highly recommend My Yates and the Ridgeway hospital .
Nikki Carvey
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