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Mr Ben Yates
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
Over the past three years I have had two separate surgical procedures on my feet, performed by Mr. Yates. The most recent being February 2018. In both cases the procedures were to correct a very painful condition caused by hammer toes and,again in both cases,the surgery was successful with complete pain relief. 

The condition, surgical procedure and recovery were fully explained to me by Mr. Yates and any questions I raised were addressed. What I found reassuring was that I could get in touch with Mr. Yates at any time I had a concern about the procedure or subsequent recovery period. In fact during recovery of my recent procedure I "bumped into" Mr.Yates in the hospital while taking my wife to a consultation with another surgeon. I mentioned to Mr. Yates that my foot was a little uncomfortable. Mr. Yates then immediately took me to his office to examine the foot and offer advice.
Sid Jevons
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Ben Yates