Ben Yates Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
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Mr Ben Yates
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
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"This treatment is a revelation...I am
​indeed very grateful to Mr. Yates." ​
Colin Haines
"Mr Yates was very friendly, calm and reassuring... the level of care I received was excellent​​"
Anna Lanham
"I am now able to do everything I could do 20 yeards ago

Jane Holderness-Roddam
"I am absolutely delighted to see the
​foot looking so straight and normal" ​

Catherine A. Downing
"Mr Yates got down to the root of my problem with no fuss and dealt with it efficiently" ​
Alison Delorie
"My surgery has enabled me to walk plan-free after years of increasing pain"
Ruth Tucker
"The tratment has been a great success and aftermonthds of pain, I am now walking well"
Therese Mitchell
"after two weeks partial weight bearing I am now pain free"

Linda Williams
"I would recommend people with painful foot problems to see him"

Sarah T
"I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the reulst of this treatment"

Juliet Whittering
"It's a relief and joy, you feel wonderful, and actually glad to have this done"

jeanette Koza
"Any questions I had were answered fully and I was put at ease from the first consultation"
Pamela White
"After surgery on both feet I am now pain free and I so wish I had contacted Mr Yates sooner"
Joan Bee
"I have not had an issue since and am very happy with the outcome and highly recommend Mr Yates"
Nikki Carvey
"I found Mr Yates straightforward and pleasant to talk to and would recommend his services"
Norman Hancock
"I have complete mobility in my big toe once more... An amazing jpb! Thank you Mr Yates"
Angie MacNaught
"not only a very skilled foot surgeon, also a very approachable manner...i was able to talk to him about any worries"
Angela Deacon
"I cannot thank Mr yates enough for his professionalism, caring manner and approachability"
WKD Morrow OBE
"...really pleased with the surgeries and post surgery care Mr Yates gives"
Michelle Stamp
"...the quick diagnosis and treatment has helped me to return to health"
Mike Goodbun
"...the satisfaction of being able to freely and comfortably walk again is indescribable"
Merrick Francis
"...everything is progressing well, with more and more mobility possible"
Sheelagh Lugg
" to resume my walking and Scottish dancing hobbies,
​thanks to Mr Yates"
Jenny Nobes
"I cannot praise Mr yates enough, His skill and the care of his team have given me my life back"
Edna J Rew
"...I found Mr. Yates to be very reassuring and professional"
Penny Bigley
"... I am very grateful to be free of the constant pain"
"... the surgery was successful with complete pain relief."
Sid Jevons
"... Excellent service, professionally delivered in a top quality facility"
Lyn Wyatt
"... thanks are due to him and his team, and it has been a pleasure to consult him"
"... I would strongly recommend Mr Yates and his team to persons with a similar foot problem"
Stan Kielb
"The whole process was smooth
​and uncomplicated"
Jan Hainsworth
Ben Yates