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Mr Ben Yates
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
Having suffered from a deformed foot from birth which was treated over the years by surgery combined with orthotics, my “advancing years” dictated that I seek further professional help to stabilise my problem. A close friend advised me to ask to be referred to Mr Ben Yates at The Ridgeway Hospital.
Having been treated by various experts over the years my expectation of successful treatment was not overly optimistic. How wrong I was!  Mr Yates quickly arranged the necessary scans at The Ridgeway and then carefully explained to me that indeed he could help me with surgery that would relieve the symptoms I was suffering.
Mr Yates conducted day surgery  at The Ridgeway and my foot was placed in a protective shoe for a few weeks to assist the healing process.  During the recovery period Mr Yates was always on hand to ensure that all was proceeding to plan.
Four months from the operation I am now enjoying long walks with my dogs over rough terrain - something I could not have envisaged six months ago!
I cannot thank or praise Mr Yates enough for his professionalism, caring manner and approachability.

W K D Morrow OBE

Mortons' Neuroma

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